Brussels based Rock formation Captain Cheese-Beard was formed in 2006 by Johan De Coninck with the sole mission to respectfully perform the music of the late Frank Zappa in full line up.

After having done so successfully for 6 years and having earned recognition in the Zappa community it was time to take the next step. It has always been clear that the project had plenty of potential and over the years the band had developed a very powerful live sound so Johan De Coninck took on the challenge to write original material for the Cheese-Beard line up consisting of a classic Rock formation  (Drums, Bass, Guitars, and Keys) completed with a brass section and melodic percussion.

Over the course of three years the band went through the process of rehearsals, recording sessions and mixing sessions resulting in the album Symphony For Auto-Horns which contains 50 minutes of eclectic rock music, which is very hard to categorize not in the least because the frequent use of different musical styles, giving a specific atmosphere to each individual composition. Despite of this, the album sounds very coherent.


The Symphony For Auto-Horns Album was written in the spirit of the seventies, when an album was considered being a total concept and not just a collection of songs and although a lot of digital technology was used in the production process, all the recording was done live in an old school manner. This was extremely important for the overall feel of the music on the album.

It was Sound Engineer and Co Producer Mathias Widtskiöld who faced the biggest challenge in having to find space for every instrument in the sonic spectrum.




The lyrics of a Captain Cheese-Beard song have more in common with stand up comedy that with your average pop song. Absurd humor covered in a light sauce of cynicism are the main ingredients for the style and the topics variating from inebriated sex to the state of the human race pass the revue.



The Martin Case


Early 2014, the band took a break from the production schedule to play a Zappa set at the Arf!Arf!Arf! Weekend after being invited by Zjakki Willems of Radio1 who was the intendant of the event, to appear with Robert, Bobbi, Martin as guest vocalist. The band played a great show and a few weeks later Johan asked Robert if he would like to sing the lead vocal on Tash and a Guitar. This song pays homage to the Mustached Ax Wizards of the 1970ties terrorizing many stage and backstage areas of music venues with illustrious names like the Hammersmith Odeon or the Tokyo Dome. Robert got an early mix of the track and agreed to sing the part.


Mottow-Soundz Records


The choice for the Mottow-Soundz label was an obvious one. Mathias Widtskiöld, founder of Mottow-Soundz has been the sound engineer of the band since the beginning of the Captain Cheese-Beard project. Over the years a mutual trust and respect had developed between Mathias and the band and so it was clear from the beginning that he would be in charge of the recording sessions and co produce the album together with Johan.

Without his technical and logistic backup and relentless commitment to the project, making this album would have been impossible and we're honored that the album will be part of the catalogue of this upcoming label.



Guest vocal appearance on Tash and a Guitar: Robert Martin

Backing vocals on Tash and a Guitar: Marie Ange Teuwen, Veronique Jerome, Vanessa Spay.



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